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Q- How long will it take to build my site?

From the moment we receive your design choice, we take no more than 1 week to build your site.

We then present it to you in the same ‘see live demo’ format as you chose it.

The site will have template page titles and place-holder images, ready for your logo, images, text and any other content you have to be added.

Q- Do I have to build my site myself?


Our team builds your website for you. Once your site is built:

We send you email notification that you site is ready to be personalised. We link you to our Site Map form, where we ask you to give us the list of pages to go onto your site. Once we receive this, we update your site with your list of pages and placeholder images, ready for your content.

At any time during the process you can send us additional content, and we will add it to your site. This process continues until you are happy and ready for us to launch your site.

When your site is ready for launch, we give you a username and password so that you will also be able to add content to your site at leisure, but our service doesn’t end there.

We will always be on hand to update your site if you send information to us via email or support request.

This is all included in your monthly subscription!

Q- How do I pay for my site?

GreenPastors is a ‘Pay As You Go’ service, which means that rather like a mobile phone service, you pay as you go.

Your payment options are as follows:

– You can pay by card or by invoice
– You can pay monthly or annually (there are discounts on non monthly payments)

On the first of every month we issue an invoice for your records, which we send to you whether you pay by card or invoice.

We mark this as paid when we receive your payment!

Automatic late payment reminders go out on the 16th of every month, and if we have not received payment 15 days after this notification we will suspend your site.

Q- Will I be able to update my site?


When your site is ready for launch, we give you a username and password so that you will also be able to add content to your site at leisure, but our service doesn’t end there.

We are always on hand to update your site if send us information by email or if you log a support request.

This is all included in your monthly subscription!

Q- Whats your support request system like?

Our customer charter sets out our commitment to you.

ALL support requests are managed via a queueing system or a first come first served basis. We respond to and action all support requests and e-mails within 48hrs.

We keep you informed if we cannot complete your enquiry or request within 48hrs, giving you an estimated time of completion.

If you submit a support request between a FRIDAY morning and MONDAY morning, due to the volume of support requests over a weekend, the very latest your support request will be completed by, is the close of business on TUESDAY.

From time to time we my schedule a specific time to batch complete support requests on your behalf.

We don’t use complicated web design language; we break things down so that they are easy to understand.

We respond to feedback and any complaints by being polite and courteous.

If a service isn’t clearly listed on our website, we do not do it.

You can help us by:

– Logging all of your support requests using our support request form.
– Making sure that any requests you make of us are clear.
– Making sure that if you work as part of a team, you agree instructions before they are sent to us to avoid mis-communication.
– Providing us with requested information as soon as possible so that we can assist you quickly.
– Being polite and courteous.
– Suggesting ways in which we can improve our service.

Q- How do you manage domain names?

If you don’t already have a domain name we will purchase your domain name for you and take care of the ongoing renewal fees.

If the domain name you would like to purchase isn’t available, we provide you with a list of alternatives, and once we receive confirmation of your choice, we will purchase it on your behalf.

If you have an existing domain name and would like to use it for your new website, this is perfectly fine.

You have the following options:

1. Provide us with the username and password where the domain was registered, and we will manage that domain name for you.
2. Manage the domain yourself.
3. If you don’t have existing emails and would like us to host your emails, you will need to change the name servers when you’re ready to launch the site.
4. If you have existing emails, you will need to change the domain’s DNS when you’re ready to launch the site.
5. Once complete, we will provide you with our IP address which you will be able to enter for the main web record and update the DNS.

This actually sounds more complicated than it actually is, but we will be on hand to help you.

Q- How do you manage email addresses?

Here are some of the ways that we can configure email to suit your needs:

– We can set up yourname@yourdomain.com so that you can access via webmail or on your mobile device or computer.
– We can set up yourname@yourdomain.com so that it forwards to your personal email address, meaning that you collect all of your email in one place but can reply from yourname@yourdomain.com when you are ready.
– We can set up yourname@yourdomain.com forwarder that just bounce to a personal email address.
– We can set up yourname@yourdomain.com forwarders that bounce to multiple email addresses.

Please let us know your specific needs, and we will configure email to suit you.

Q- What do I do about logos?

Sending us the best quality logo files you can will enable us to represent your logo at its best on your website.

We prefer high resolution files, preferably with the logo on a transparent background so that our designers can incorporate it easily and effectively.

We accept the following standard file formats:, JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), Vector (.eps).

Generally, designers use a program called Illustrator to design your logo.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector based program, and the benefit of this is that vector-based images can be resized both larger and smaller without diminishing the quality.

Please contact the designer who created your logo and ask them to give you your logo design in the format that we require, as this will ensure that we can incorporate it effectively.

If you don’t have a logo, we can use a font to represent your brand name, and if you are looking for a low cost logo solution, please contact us.

**Please Note**
Different designs have different logo dimensions, and so we are restricted by the modifications we can make.
Where appropriate we will give you logo area dimensions for your logo designers.

Q- I would like to use audio and video on my website?

Modern websites have been built with the idea of integration.

Integration is the idea that popular services such as Youtube and others can work seamlessly with websites as well as other online services, to ensure that your visitors have the best experience possible.

Your website has the capability of hosting video and audio, but we highly recommend that you use services that stream audio and video professionally, and integrate them with our platform.

This way your audience get the best experience without having to leave your website, and you also get the instant benefits of social media sharing.

We recommend using Soundcloud for Podcasting which has 3 hours of free space to upload your audio. Additional storage is available for a small monthly fee.

If that’s not enough storage for your needs, here are some other services you can use that are free…

Pod o Matic – Free account features 500MB of space.
Archive.org – Free audio storage
Podbean – An excellent podcasting host available from only $36 per year.



Whichever service you choose, we will help you set it up and get it running.

Q- What do I do if I don’t have any images?

There is great truth in the saying that a picture paints a thousand words, and sometimes the wrong set of images can make a website look unprofessional.

Quite often this is because your story hasn’t caught up with your vision yet, and this is where stock images come in extremely handy.

We provide a stock of over 1000 images that we give you full access to.

This will allow you to update your pages, add posts and make your site look professional as you collect your own images along the way.

Q- How do you integrate Social Media? (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc)?

All of our sites enable you to have 2 forms of social media integration.

You can either have the standard Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons that link out to your social media profiles.

You can also have social media feeds which we embed to your website, which allows people to read and see your social media content without leaving your website.

This is dependent on the design you choose.

Q- I might struggle to write text for my website, can you help?

Copywriting is an art form, and if you have never written text for a website before then this can be a real challenge.

One of the biggest deals is getting started, and staring at a blank page, or writers block can prove to be difficult.

We have access to expert copywriters that can write web copy for you, and even if you don’t use it as it comes, it can provide the creative kickstart that you need, and from there you can adjust the text to suit your particular needs.

Q- Can you help me know how many visitors my site gets?

I am not sure if you will remember this, but in the old days you would visit a website and you would see a web counter that showed the number of visitors to a website.

Google analytics is a detailed analysis tool that allows you to see things like the number of visitors to your website, most popular pages and links clicked.

We don’t automatically install this to your site, so if this is data that you are interested in tracking, then please let us know by submitting a support request.

Q- What happens if I want to choose another design?

If we have built your site and you would like to choose a different design, we charge a one off re-theme fee.

The best way to avoid an unnecessary re-theme fee is to:

– Make sure that you are happy with your design and consult us before you select it.
– Check out the live working examples of the design you choose.

Q- What happens to my site if I decide to leave GreenPastors?

We will be heartbroken!!!

Seriously, clients leave GreenPastors for a variety of reasons, from lack of site usage, to gaining access to in-house skills which means that our team is no longer required.
We ensure that it is never because of our failure to deliver on what we say.

Once we receive a cancellation notice, we will export all of your content and data, making it available for you to download so that you can use your content on another website or with another service provider.

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